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Welcome one and all to The Diary of a Chunky White Guy. I hope this blog will keep me inspired in my weight loss goals, but I also hope to help others who are struggling with their weight, whether they're ten pounds or two hundred overweight. I'm not a doctor, and I'm not a psychologist, but perhaps by posting my struggles, victories and viewpoints, I can make a difference in someone's life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ups And Downs or "Where Ya Been, Stranger?"

Umm, hi.

So yeah, it's been nine days since I last blogged, but it's not my fault, I swear. Stupid internet at my house has been stupid, and I haven't been able to make it to a wifi spot in order to blog until now.

These past nine days have actually gone by fairly fast. I'm nearing the end of rehearsals for both plays now, so soon I will be able to get back to the gym on a regular basis. Of Mice and Men opens on Friday for our one night revival, and NightFears opens on Saturday. Once the shows open, I will go back to my regular schedule of work then gym before I go home. I have been able to squeeze two visits in, which I know isn't great, but what's a guy gonna do? Also, in the past couple of days, my "no fast food" streak was broken. I was coming back from rehearsal in New Roads on Sunday (that's about an hour away for the uninitiated) after eight hours of rehearsal. I didn't eat on our dinner break because I didn't want to have a hamburger and fries and that's what was brought for everyone to eat. I snacked on some pretzels, thinking I'd just grab Subway on the way home, but alas, Subway was closed by the time I got back to town. I ignored my cravings for some Raising Cane's goodness and instead chose a grilled chicken quesadilla and a soft taco from Taco Bell.

I hated every bite. Apparently what everyone is saying is true. The longer you go without fast food, the worse it tastes when you do have to eat it. I also felt bad for breaking one of my Ten Commandments. It had to be done, however, and I won't be doing it again if I can help it.

Another down bit occurred when I tried on my Of Mice and Men costume. It fit comfortably last year, but apparently I have outgrown the overalls. I thought I'd lost enough in inches to fit in them, but not just yet, apparently. I was a little bummed about that, but I'm just wearing jeans now. The rest of the costume fits just fine.

So those are the downs. I do have a couple of ups. Well, one major up anyway.

I will soon have a regular workout buddy. They will remain nameless at this time, until I have the okay to mention them on here, but as soon as my rehearsals are over, we will be venturing to the gym together. They called me out of the blue and asked about my plan to lose weight and they decided they wanted in on it as well. I'm super pumped that I've been able to inspire someone on the same journey as me. I'm looking forward to posting more about our progress as we go on.

Well, that's about all I have for today. So let's's moral? A journey of this magnitude is bound to have peaks and valleys. It's what you do in the valleys that get you back up to the peaks.

I'm looking forward to getting back up to a peak.

Until next time, dragon slayers.


  1. Woot! On the workout partner. :) It's nice to have someone who will be there to encourage you and commiserate with you. Trust me! I know. :)

    Seriously? 8 hours or rehearsal? That seems a

    And yes. It is true that the more you avoid fast food, the more you realize how truly awful it is. When your body realizes it's getting good food, it tells you (sometimes very forcefully), "Um...hello? What on /earth/ are you trying to feed me?" Totally with you on that one. We can't eat at Taco Bell or Burger King anymore. The kids do fine but John and I...well, not so much. :) McAlister's Deli is so much better. And you can get salads and baked potatoes there! Awesome ones! Wishing you continued blessings with your chosen path and hoping the plays both go very well!

  2. I second the vote for McAlister's. Last time I went I discovered their awesome tomato and cheese panini. I have been wanting to go back ever since, but I'm broke!

    Anyway, Casey, there are many worse things to have at a fast food place. You did fine. And now you know it's really not worth thinking about all the time. It doesn't even taste that good!

    I really, really wish we could go to Of Mice and Men. :(

    We miss youuu!

  3. Keep it up.

    On a side note: since switching to Diet Mt. Dew, it has actually grown on me a bit. I took a sip of Erika's reg Mt. Dew the other day and it tasted really sweet. Just like with the fast food, your body adjusts.


  4. Awesome getting a workout partner and even more awesome that the Taco Bell sucked. I've never eaten at McAlister's, but now I really, really want to. I love paninis. Yum!

  5. Taco Bell is better than all the crap i put in my body in NOLA. You are doing great Casey don't feel guilty.


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